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Anong benefits ng pag-attend ng seminar?
Puede nga naman mag-aral na lang ngayon sa Youtube o mag-search sa internet.

Marami na ngayon puedeng matutunan sa internet at kasama dito ang pag-install ng solar power system. Kaya lang wala pa rin kaming alam na natutong magmaneho ng kotse mula sa internet lang. Bagamat puede natin matutunan kung paano mag-drive ng kotse sa internet at sa youtube, iba pa rin ang actual na nakaupo sa harap ng manibela at actual na pagmaneho ng kotse. Iba pa din ang makinig sa actual na marunong mag-drive at may karanasan na dito.

Sa mga solar seminar namin, para kaming experienced na driver na magtuturo sa inyo kung paano ang pagmaneho sa solar energy. Kami ang magiging driver ninyo at ang magpapahiram ng “kotse” sa patutunguhan ninyo tungkol sa solar energy.

There’s lots to learn on the internet and youtube nowadays, including how to install one’s own solar power system. However, we haven’t heard of anyone yet learning how to drive a car just by watching the internet. Although it’s possible, nothing still replaces the actual driving and being in front of the steering wheel of a car. It’s also different listening to someone who has actual experience in driving a car.

In our solar seminars, we are the experienced drivers who can teach you how to “drive” solar energy into your house or business establishment. We will be your driver and we can lend you the “car” in your solar energy journey.

You will learn about the path and power of the sun

Ito yung kotse ng solar energy. This is the car for solar energy. We can ride its path only from 6am to 6pm. If we don’t know how to ride its path, we can’t maximize its energy. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. But it will only choose one path from east to west. Most of the time, for the Philippines, it passes from the southest to the southwest. But there are a few times of the year it goes northeast to northwest.

From your knowledge sun’s path, you can then decide the best orientation of solar panels for any location. Although not every roof will apply, most roofs will do as long its tilt is below 20degrees. That’s because we have so much sun in the Philippines.

You will learn what type of solar power system is applicable for your energy needs

There are only two things you can get from a solar: savings and energy independence. To get savings, all you need are 5 major components: solar panels, inverter, mounting, protection circuits and the proper wiring. For energy independence, you need those 5 + 2 more. And these are batteries and a charge controller. Put the first 5 together properly and you get savings year in and year out. If you have power interruptions in your area or if you live far from the city, kung madalas mag-brownout sa inyo at medyo malayo kayo sa kabihasnan, maganda kung may battery. Those with batteries are classified as off-grid systems. Those without are classified as on-grid or grid-tied systems.

Each type has its own advantage and dis-advantage. Grid-tie systems offer the best value for our peso and will achieve faster return on investment (ROI). But the grid-tied solar power system will only work at daytime and will not work in the event of a brownout. Off-grid systems have the advantage of working day and night. Their disadvantage: higher initial cost, and longer ROI. You may also have to replace batteries every 2-3 years for the lead acid type.

Solar Workshop

May 1, 2016, 8am-5pm

After learning the fundamentals of solar in the Solar Seminar, get your hands dirty by learning the actual installation of solar power systems. This is what you will learn by doing. You will learn how to:

1. Mount solar panels on the roof of a house or business establishment.
2. Connect protective devices to prevent short circuits, overvoltages from destroying devices and causing fire.
3. Interconnect an inverter to the Meralco line and see how solar power feeds into the grid line.
4. Use control devices–automatic transfer switches (ATS), relays and contactors to control the flow of electricity in the event of a power outage.

Happening on May 1, 2016, 8am-5pm at the roofdeck of J&F Divino Arcade, 961 Aurora Boulevard, Quirino District, Cubao, Quezon City. In the afternoon, we will visit an actual working installation consisting of a 1kW, 5 panel grid-tied residential installation to a 20kW commercial grid-tied installation.

For inquiries, email amatera.inc@gmail.com, or call 738-1136 (8am-5pm, Mo-Sa) or 775-1027 for details.

Fee: P3000 (discounted rate of P2000 until April 23)


What our former participants have to say…

Thank you for the fruitful seminar last Saturday. We learned a lot from you.
-Ms. Panaligan
Marketing Manager,
Buil-Tech Global Trading Corporation

I’ve learned a lot in the seminar. Most likely on how to compute or get the right power and wattage to be use in putting up new solar system. Im so very thank full with your company for conducting that seminar. I hope your company will continue to educate people on how to make use of our renewable energy.
Hoping I can put up my own system in the future.


Maybe 2 days seminar? for more extending explanation for computations.like panel,battery,etc. but seminar today is great! learned a lot! thanks!
-Seminar Attendee,April 30

Concept of solar panel energy system,sizing of solar panel requirement at certain application and installation procedure.
-Seminar attendees participants (Batch #12)

The conceptual,physics-related part as well as industry trade secrets.
–Batch #12 seminar attendee

I like data’s ,practical training and Q&A well answered
-Mr.Juan Apolonio Barredo III

I like layman terms approach of teaching.
-Batch #13 seminar attendee

I like the most when we perform the designing off grid system actual demonstrations of installation and mounting.
-Batch #13 seminar attendee


Brownout free rooms powered by solar

This townhouse in Fairview had lights at nighttime while being constructed. This was long before it got connected to Meralco.

Our off-grid systems can power four lights and one electric fan even without a Meralco connecction. This is our alternative to emergency lights so that the homeowners don’t have to use candles in the event of a brownout. Unlike emergency lights, we use downlights that look much better and can be located anywhere in the house as dictated by the architect or the owner. Prices start at P30,000, including installation.Call 738-1136, 775-1027 (Mon – Sat, 8am-5pm) for inquiries.

Peak Power (kw) 0.5 1 1.5 2 3 5 10
Number of Panels 2 4-5 7 10 16 23-24 44-48
Area Required (sq.m) 5 10 15 20 30 45 90
Average Daily Output (kwh) (Note 1) 2 4 6 8 12 20 40
Expected Savings/year (Px1000)(Note 2) 9 18 26 36 52 88 176
Savings per Month (Px1000) 0.5-1 1-2 1.5-3 2-4 3-6 6-8 13-17

1) Based on 4kwh/kw/day
2) at Php12/kwh