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This is the monthly bill of a commercial building with a 2kW grid-tied solar power system.Their monthly bill as of July 29 ,2015 cost was Php 9,462.29. After solar, it became Php 7,860.44.


Ito ang example ng isang 5kw grid tie solar power system para sa residential. Dati  umaabot  ang kanilang monthly bill ng Php 67,165.63. Pagkatapos magpakabit ng solar power system naging  Php 41,168.02 ang kanilang monthly bill

Here’s the example of 3kw grid tie solar power system monthly bill. Their monthly bill as of November 2014 before installing solar was Php 29,431.59.  After solar it became Php 22,254.91

What kind of work do you do? Can you describe it a little?

I’m presently an instrumentation technician in Qatar. I carry out preventive and corrective maintenance on instrumentation devices on a wide range of plant equipment: power generation and distribution; crude oil storage and loading; utilities such as water desalination, air and nitrogen compressors, fuel gas treatment, diesel fuel storage and distribution, and potable water distribution; as well as fire and gas detection systems and safety and firefighting systems.

How did you start in your work? How did you get assigned to your present company?
I’m a graduate of Electronics Technology in Don Bosco Technical College Industrial Technician Center. I was a company scholar of Philippine Refining Company (now Unilever Philippines), so, upon graduation, they hired me as an instrumentation technician.
Like many jobs here in the Middle East, I applied for my present job in a manpower agency there in the Philippines.

How did you get interested in solar energy?

I got interested in solar energy way back in the early 90’s when I was working in Saudi Arabia. But at that time, solar technology was still very expensive. My interest in solar energy came up again a few years ago when I heard some of my colleagues at work discuss how their rural village in India is being powered by solar energy.

– Carlito “Tolits” Lopez
Instrumentation Technician, Qatar