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September 2016

Common appliance that can run by off grid system

This chart shows what our Off Grid System can run depending on the appliance usage. In general, it takes almost the same energy to run a ref 12-24 hours just as it is to run an aircon 2-4 hours. To run an aircon off the grid for 4-8 hours, it would cost P180k to P320k. The biggest variable here is the size and number of batteries. As you increase the number of batteries, the number of solar panels have to increase as well.
Each 250Watt panel can put in 8A of current during the house of 11am-1pm when the sun is out and there are no clouds. If we sum all the current that can go into a battery for one whole cloudless, sunny day, it would amount to 32Ah. Assuming 50% depth of discharge, a 250W panel can easily charge a 100Ah battery.
Another good combination would be 2x250W panels and 2 x 120Ah batteries. These can power most households’ lighting requirements with 2-3 bedrooms + kitchen and garage.
To power an airconditioner at night, you would need at least 1 200Ah battery to power a 1hp aircon for 1 hour. To power it for four hours you would need 4x200Ah batteries and 3x250W panels.

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