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January 2017

The one thing you need to check with solar panels

So what do we really need to check in the solar panel? Is it the appearance? Is it the size or the power that is important? How do we make sure that we get the right quality of solar panels and prevent the above from happening?

Solar panels are the most important part of the solar power system. They’re the ones that get energy from the sun and put it in batteries for storage or deliver energy directly to your house through DC to AC inverters. In terms of cost, the solar panels comprise 40%-50% of the total system cost. Although solar entails a huge one-time, big-time investment, you can get back your investment in as little as 5 years. For smaller systems it will take 6-7 years.

Solar panels are getting cheaper every year. When I first experimented with solar panels in 2006, I opted for a German made panel (supposedly) from a company in Greenhills and paid close to 20k for it. The solar panel power output was a whopping 20W at that time. Now we can get solar panels at half the price for more than 10X the power. And they are slowly becoming a commodity. One businessman I know even remarked that we have to get this solar business before it becomes like plywood.

Most solar panels now in the Philippines can be divided into just 2 categories–those that are >250Watts and those 100Watts and below. Solar panels rated 100W and below are almost a commodity. But those rated 250W and above are not. When we started our company in 2013, the industry standard was 250Watt for medium sized installations from 1kW to 20kW. Now, 3 years later, there standard is 265Watts to 285Watts. They have gone from P12k-P17k per panel to the current rate of P7.5k-P9k per panel. This lowering price doesn’t mean we can buy any solar panel that’s 250W and above. There’s still a lot more to consider.

Price is also important but it’s not the most important thing to check. If we could check one and only one thing about the solar panel, it would not be the specs, efficiency, appearance, power or features. Because all of the features are useless unless the supplier or installer honors the warranty. If there is one and only one thing you should check for in the solar panel, it is the supplier’s ability to honor the 10-25 year warranty on the solar panels.

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